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fuck yes.

We'll definitely miss terkoiz. It was great while it lasted, i don't think anyone ever put more effort into their work than he did.
This compilation is downright fucking epic.
Straight up inspirational.

- Boom (FA)

Hey, Zackie.

ohai, it's Boom.

Monkeyshizznick is a downright retard who needs to open his eyes. Newgrounds isn't the only animation site in the world, fool.

Anyway, that was better than what i was expecting, man. Not that there isn't still room for improvement. Great use of angle, filters, effects and depth. The biggest problem i saw though was resizing. There was far too much of it. Apart from that, great job, I'd love to see this in a battle :)

Zackie responds:

I MAYBE doing a collab with Endo-k and M3D with my gladiator.


Hey, Boom here :)

Just like to say that this was much more awesome than you're getting credit for.
Really fucking epic for an rhg.

5'd :D

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holy shit

faved, that was fucking awesome.

although you should see a psychiatrist or something.

Kyaztro responds:

a frontier psychiatrist

hehe i'm no. 10 in the whole world right now :D

button masher = meh.
will probably pass judgement, but still, pretty boring.

i liked the whole produce the longest shit possible theme though ;P

That was excessively amazing.

I'd like to see this on the front page.
High five, guys. That was really damn good.
Addicting, challenging (well not really, but it's kinda interesting to see how fast you can do it), and just fun.
I hope you squeezed a hefty sponsorship out of FWG.

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Nope, it is right.

Envy, this is my favorite song by you, i fucking love it.
The mario coin sounds drove me fucking crazy hahaha :D

the reason you have almost twice as many downloads as listens is because people hit download before the song is finished :D
that's how fucking amazing it is :D


It's great that you liked it and all, but seriously, you kinda need my permission before you can upload my songs :X
.... and this is an older version of the song, i fixed it up a bit and i have a newer version on my computer that isn't as horrifically repetitive.


I fucking love all your stuff, man.

I'm really hoping you will finish all the WIP's you have sitting here on NG.
This had a great melody, and i loved the distinct envy-build up (i still don't quite understand how you do that, being an FL-Studio user, something to do with cutoff? Doesn't sound like that's the only thing you used) and the only problem i had with this was how bad the drum loop sounded at the quiet bits. You eliminated it for the loud parts, but i really didn't think it went with the breaks at all. The kick itself would have been fine, the hats sort of ruined it for me.

Amazing, as always!

I Animate sticks. I'm very active on the flash forum. I wish i could speak japanese, and I like anime/manga. I am also a Actionscripter. I've been told by many on the forums that i am very helpful. I'm friendly, and love to help people out :> FWENDS?

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